USA Roadtrip 4 - Texas

Texas Part 3: How part of me finally became Texan…

My greatest travelling-rewards

are the moments when I realize, that I simply feel at home at a certain place, in a certain country and whithin a certain culture. This feeling might arise out of any kind of situation – it can be during one of this stunning, big, emotion-explosion-like moments, or simply out of everyday life. Like, greeting with a Texan “hi y’all!”, as if it was the most normal thing in the world and I never did say something else.

The difficult part about those experiences and moments is, that they are sometimes not so easy to find and definitely not to buy with any money, not even if you have a platin-level visa card (or, whatever the highest level is).

Of course, I don’t get this intense homely feeling everywhere, but so far, there is a clear tendency for this to happen, everywhere I bump into some wonderful people. And out of the about 800 people living in this very little town called Dawson, Texas, I obviously just found the best ones 🙂

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USA Roadtrip 4 - Texas

Texas Part Two: Austin!(!)

It’s not warm,

but OK, if you wear one of these wonderful windbrakers from whatever known brand, that every traveller or dog owner or outdoor lover or at least any wanna be outdoor lover owns. So, just the right outfit to climb a rock, I thought. Well, yeah, that was obviously before I had an idea of how steep this grey, moon-like looking rock would be. So, finally on top, I’m a bit more exhausted than I expected. And that might describe my Austin experience in general: the city was just a bit more of everything, than I expected…

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USA Roadtrip 4 - Texas

Texas Part One: El Paso…!?!

“Well, as we’re going to be SO close to El Paso anyway, we could change plans and just stop there for a couple of nights.”

I still hear Anja and my words, as if it was yesterday. We were looking at each other, smiling, and the decision was made. A desicion, that we definitely would not regret…

If somebody would have told me earlier, that I was going to go to El Paso, that we would meet some amazing people, that we would even walk to Mexico and spend a full day over there (starting with the first margarita around noon, which is new trip record), I probably would have given you one of my “yeah, of COURSE”-faces, including a slightly hysteric noise, like one (or me) does, when assuming that the other one is kidding. Well… that’s actually exactly how it happened in El Paso!

And that’s what traveling is, or should be all about, no? To change plans, to experience the unexpected and, most important, to just enjoy it.

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