USA Roadtrip 5 - Louisiana

Louisiana: Night(s) out in Naaawlins

India House Hostel, 16 bed dorm, maybe around 10 a.m.

A weird sound-mixture, consisting of  the “Sweet Home Alabama” song, roaring from the outside through the window of my dorm, plus this “I will cut ALL this forest tonight”-kind of snorring sound of one of my roommates, slowly finds its way through my earplugs. This weird, dumb soundscape finally wakes me up. I blink, and, half-blind, start to fumble for my glasses and my phone. I glance into the bunk beds next to me. Everybody else seems to be asleep, still. The air is awful, I can barely breath. I check my phone. Roll myself out of my bed. While I search through my backpack for some wearable clothes, I hear some plastic clattering and, irritated, look down at me: one of this really ugly, green-shimmering, cheap plastic, mardi gras-style kind of necklace is still hanging around my neck. What the…

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