USA Roadtrip 6 - Florida

Florida: We made it!

First of all:

How can two months of travelling pass SO damn fast? I don’t know what to say. So, I’ll just try to write it down.

Over two months on the road, over 5.000 driven miles and 10 states – U.S.A. extreme. I walked, I looked, I stunned, I laughed, I sang (mostly in the car with Anja), I ate (good-very good-omg), I slept (sometimes more, sometimes less), I chilled, I got exhausted, I organized, I drove, I partied (always with Anja ;-)), I met incredible people and made new friends, I wrote A LOT, and got my own, personal travelling highlights. Of course, there were a few downs (which I think is even necessary and important, if you go on such a long trip), but these are easily to be outnumbered by all those, sometimes more than overwhelming, giving you goose-bumps for the rest of your life kindish ups.

It has been an amazing time.

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