Nicaragua: Coco Loco

I’m kinda nervous.

No, not a job interview (bitch, please!). Nor an upcoming flight, or anything else that normally makes my pulse race. It’s simply, because the electricity is gone. Actually, i’m not that restless just because it is gone. That happens from time to time in Central America. It’s more, because I don’t know why. Not knowing the cause, makes it hard to fix the problem. At least, to fix it for longer than short term.

„Tranquila“, the brown-green, calming teddybear eyes of my Nicaraguan colleague give me this look, which is a mixture of “trust me, everything’s gonna be alright” and “man, what the hell is wrong with her, why is she so nervous?”. So, all normal, all good. It will come back. They’re doing some repairs on the electricity line, at least that’s what people say.

And yet, I am still too not-Nicaraguan to sit down, read a book and keep calm till it comes back. No washing machine. No fan. No Wifi (biiig issue haha). How long will the fridge keep cool…? I start cleaning windows to fight against the restless, worrying mannequin that keeps on drawing worst case scenarios in my head.

What if…? – „Tranquila!“

End of the story? The electricity came back. It was due to some work on the line.

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