Australia Part six: At least once in a lifetime…Sydney!

“Look, there’s people walking on top of the bridge”,

Bec says. I squint and, through the golden strings of the setting sun, the super tiny, black mannequins up on the Harbour Bridge in Sydney start to move.

I can’t believe it.

I simply can’t. I can’t believe, that contrary to other travel lists, on mine, Sydney was not very present. I actually can’t even remember, why. Why am I here, then? Well, because my flight to Central America is going from here. Pretty low argument, huh?!

But now, I am definitely in Sydney, leaning on the metal railing, the Harbour Bridge in front of me, the Opera House to my right, its white orange-peel like shape gleaming in a golden light, giving this building even more mystic volume. It’s sunset. And it’s just overwhelming to be here.

And even better: I am with friends 🙂

I have to admit, just spending two full days in this megacity, was probably not enough. No, for sure, it wasn’t. It’s worth so much more time, so make sure you have at least three to four full days.

A big plus to discover a city, is always (always) to get to see it through the local eye, to be shown around by the local eye. At this point, I would like to send a HUGE hug and kiss to my friend Bec, who took the best care of me and made sure my time was just perfect.

Sydney: Big city life or beach city life?

What fascinated me most about Sydney, is the unique combination of metropolitan flair and salt in the air feeling created by all the sourrounding beaches. Buzzword: You can have whatever you like.


City stroll in Sydney

Sydney – what to see (or better, what I saw in two days and can recommend :D)

Art Gallery of New South Wales
OK, when the sun is out and you don’t have too much time, it really depends on what you lay your priorities on. For all art lovers: It’s a must!


For more coloured perspectives!


Kings Cross

Stroll around and let your senses get excited by all the different smells, sounds, and languaes spoken. Backpackers “meltin pot”, felt a bit more alternative and less busy than the inner city.


Bondi Beach

Yeah, just a beach, I know. Pretty touristy, as well. But. Super nice to hang out! Watch people (or better: the surfers), have a coffee at Icebergs and stare at the ocean. What else do you need?

The never ending fascination of crashing waves
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach line up
Ready for a swim?!

Palm Beach

If you have time to take a look at the more posh area, do it! Get stunned by the “weekenders” – the super high end beach houses and villas, the high society spends their free time at. The beach is definitely worth a stroll – much less crowded than other places.

Make sure you leave some footprints at Sydneys beaches, as well! 🙂

Last but NOT least: The Opera House

If you get the chance, definitely go for sunset!! It’s incredibly beautiful and made me realize, that I am finally in Sydney, and not just for my flight out, but to be seduced and convinced by this beautiful city.

And suddenly, you feel pretty small!
The Danish architect Jørn Utzon said, that he was inspired by the peel of an orange, while designing the Opera House.

And don’t you dare to be too stingy to spend money on a nice drink and/or dinner, just down the Opera House at sunset!!

My last days in Sydney really gave my whole Australia trip (which by the way started incredibly bumpy) the perfect, glitter and confetti spraying ending including standing ovations. Unexpectedly, I just fell in love with this place and now that I even have good friends over there – I am sure it won’t have been my last visit!

Tell me one person who could resist this charming view!

Thanks again, Bec and Ewie!! <3


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