Australia Part six: At least once in a lifetime…Sydney!

“Look, there’s people walking on top of the bridge”,

Bec says. I squint and, through the golden strings of the setting sun, the super tiny, black mannequins up on the Harbour Bridge in Sydney start to move.

I can’t believe it.

I simply can’t. I can’t believe, that contrary to other travel lists, on mine, Sydney was not very present. I actually can’t even remember, why. Why am I here, then? Well, because my flight to Central America is going from here. Pretty low argument, huh?!

But now, I am definitely in Sydney, leaning on the metal railing, the Harbour Bridge in front of me, the Opera House to my right, its white orange-peel like shape gleaming in a golden light, giving this building even more mystic volume. It’s sunset. And it’s just overwhelming to be here.

And even better: I am with friends 🙂

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