Australia Part Three: Happy New Year, Brisbane!

How I feel

in that moment, when I am standing at the rooftop terasse of my hostel in Brisbane, my arms leaning over the cold metal ceiling, my shiny eyes staring at the fireworks that announce the new year and are supposed to abandon all bad ghosts of the old one, is just very, very hard to describe. With every golden-glittering sparkle, that floats in never-ending silky lines from the black sky all the way down to the river, where it’s gently being reflected, an endless row of goosebumps evolves all over my skin – and it’s definitely not cold.

It’s the first time I am seriously and with all my heart, excited about what this new year might bring. This year will definitely be one of the freshest, cleanest, and newest years since a long time. No plans. Even though I know that means not just funny times, but confusing and hard moments as well, I couldn’t be happier, couldn’t be more right in this travelling adventure. Here, in this moment, it’s so damn easy to let go and at the same time, to appreciate. Let go, whatever bothered me in the past, whatever prevented me from moving on (whatever that means), or whatever held me back from spending more time on things I love. Writing, for example 🙂 Appreciate how lucky I am and how happy I am for everything and everyone who is in my life.

Brisbane – worth it!

OK – given the fact that I originally wanted to celebrate NYE at the beach, a city party wasn’t really within my list of options. But let’s say it out loud: everything else was just way to expensive (like ridiculously!). It could have been cheaper half a year ago, but, smart and the super flexible and with the flow going backpacker as I am, I – of course – didn’t book anything in advance. Actually, half a year ago, I sat in Paris at the Saine and had better things to do than booking something for NYE…! Brisbane was payable, closest to Surfers and had hostels. So, Brisbane it should be! (Life can be so easy, sometimes!)

Conclusion: It was definitely not the best party I’ve ever been to, but not the worst either. And I have realized, that in the end, this wow-feeling of NYE didnt’t have much to do with the city I was in, but rather with my own state of mind and attitude (and of course, the very best travel mate I was with <3).

Being a bit smaller than the big cities, Brisbane is definitely not less worth a visit. Most of the hostels show up with a roof top terasse and a pretty good and nice view over the river, which makes it easy just to hang out and enjoy your day after a city walk (or even, without). We stayed in the City Backpackers Brisbane, which I would recommend. The only thing you should bear in mind is, that you are not allowed to bring or have your own alcoholic drinks, because the hostel includes a bar. Maybe this is not a problem at any other day of the year, but for our New Years Eve plans, that caused quite some logistical challenges!

Discovering Brisbane is good to do by feet or by boat, which takes you alongside the river. As I am not a boat person (I get sick…), I enjoyed strolling direction Southbank, a super beautiful river sunset with a view on the citie’s skyline accompagnying me. After passing The Wheel of Brisbane, the area comes up with a rainforest walk or even a pool-lagune to cool down on hot summer days.

What I liked so much about this area, was definitely its super chilled atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be happy and enjoying a cold drink – no matter whether tourist or local.

If you’re interested in culture, nature, or art (best case all of that), I would definitely recommend to take a closer look into the Galery of Modern Art or the Queensland Museum.

The Wheel of Brisbane – Reflections
Streetart Brisbane
Parkland Park
River view

Cheers to everything new (and if it’s good, the old stuff as well ;-))

Finally, after the fireworks, Anja, me and some nice folks party, till the sun rises and sets the city into this non-comparible, fresh sunrise light, that you can only see and feel if you didn’t go to sleep at all. Even though Australia has been indeed bumpy and I am still searching for whatever place, I feel good. I am still so much in love with travelling and all the people and adventures it’s brought to me, and I’m quite in a “let’s DO it” mode. We’ll see where that might take me! 😉

Pre-Party-Selfie 😉
Good Morning, 2018!

A very happy new year to all of you, may it be a good, relaxed and healthy one, full of dreams and adventures!


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